Biz Bash Expo and Awards

Lyrian Show
Introduce Speaker
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To introduce the event speaker and set the tone for the general session’s message.


ESP’s creative team produced an innovative technological act, Lyrian, that incorporated light and sound into an engaging performance.

ESP’s costume designers and technical team created LED suits bright enough to work in any environment (not just for black stage sets) using wireless technology and cutting edge programming to increase mobility and performance flexibility

ESP’s writers and video designers created a message driven entertainment element by adding video and a custom story line

Hear What the Client has to Say

“The talent was top notch and easy to work with and the overall concept of dancers in LED costumes was so dazzling that it wowed all the attendees.”… “ The video that accompanies the dance number was equally mesmerizing as well to make for the perfect opening entertainment to capture the imagination of a truly discerning crowd.” … “Your creativity and professionalism is unmatchable as you always demonstrate in delivery of the right show.”