Technical Productions
Outdoor Event

To raise excitement in the community for a major city event as well as awareness of the client’s sponsorship contribution.

ESP’s creative team designed a unique messaging prop for sponsors by transforming a pirate ship at sea to include audio, lighting, and video on ship sails.

ESP’s writers manifested the crew message script to creatively appeal to all members of the community.

ESP ‘s technical team coordinated audio playback from ship to shore with no sound delay, as well as flawlessly assembling a portable video playback system within twenty minutes of ship docking.

ESP created the backstage location for a welcoming after party celebration for sponsors.

Hear What the Client has to Say

“…over 100,000 spectators watched in awe as the country’s largest pirate ship came to life, …the audience was treated to a “Broadway Class” production of the history of Gasparilla…..”

“ you created a spectacular video presentation that enabled our Krewe to deliver the message of “Gasparilla” to the citizens and visitors of Tampa. Feedback from our audience was record shattering.”